A Class Is As Good As A Holiday

A quilting class that is! My making was feeling all lethargic and uninspired. I couldn’t get unstuck. Luckily my mum came to the rescue! She found a machine quilting class at Quiltaholics and talked me into coming with her. We have done one day and have another to go. And . . . it was amazing! The class is called Graceful Feathers and is being taught by Ming Hsu. Ming is incredibly talented and is an amazing teacher. And guess what? It turns out I love feathers!  I have a week before the next and final class and Ming  encourage practice. So I have decided to have a week of mini quilts to practice my feathers. Here is my first quilt.A week of mini quilts 1I am just using up scraps and will probably use these as dolly quilts when they are done. Dollies, like people, can never have too many quilts!

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